Concorde Medical Group PLLC


Who are the doctors?
Our world-class physicians recognized as leaders in their medical specialties, are board-certified faculty members at the renowned NYU School of Medicine. Concorde Medical Group offers patients a wide array of medical specialties, including Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease, Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology/Urogynecology, Liver Diseases, Physiatry, Podiatry, Rheumatology and Urology. We now also have a physician at Beth Israel.

Which hospital are they affiliated with?
New York University Langone Medical Center and Beth Israel*.

*Dr. Edward Brettholz & Dr. Rachel Masch

What if I don't have a doctor?
Call our physician referral number at (212) 614-9489. We will help match your needs and preferences to one of our 42 experienced physicians.

What kinds of insurance plans do you accept?
Concorde Medical Group accepts most insurance plans. Participation in healthcare plans varies by physician.

Where are the offices?
Concorde Medical Group's multiple healthcare sites are conveniently located on midtown Manhattan's eastside, easily accessible by public transportation.

When can I see a doctor?
Office hours are by appointment Monday through Friday. Same Day Appointments are available by calling (212) 614-9489.

Why do I need to get preventive screenings and tests?
A comprehensive physical examination, with appropriate screening studies, provides your physician with a detailed assessment of the state of your health. Screening tests seek to detect medical conditions early, so that treatment can be initiated most effectively. Concorde Medical Group strongly believes that prevention and early detection of disease, healthy lifestyle modifications, and judicious treatment of medical conditions are essential to maintaining optimal health.

What screening tests does Concorde Medical Group perform?
Some of the screening tests are:

  • Cholesterol and Lipids Screening
  • High Blood Pressure Evaluation
  • Diabetes Testing
  • Cardiac Evaluation and Stress Testing
  • Carotid and Peripheral Artery Doppler Studies
  • Colon Cancer Screening
  • Anesthesia-assisted Colonoscopy
  • Bone Density Screening for Osteoporosis